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After reading the book, "Diets Don't Work" and "The Seven Secrets of Slim People" several years ago I became aware that naturally thin people think about food differently from naturally overweight people.  How?

Well that was my question.  So I began to pay attention and I'm working on a list. 

There are many sites on the web that discuss how thin people behave differently from overweight people.  But they don't get at the thoughts behind the behavior.  What I wanted to know was how thin people thought differently. 

Now this list is neither orderly or complete and will be updated as I find new examples.  It also has some odds and ends and some ways of thinking you might not want to incorporate.  But I wanted to include everything I discovered naturally thin people thinking that might be different from what naturally overweight people think to show how differently they view food.  These are actual thoughts I've observed from friends and family. 

If you have a naturally thin person around, pay attention to how they relate to food.  Ask them why they do what they do with it and see if you can find the thought or belief behind that behavior.  Please feel free to add your comments.

1.  "I don't eat bread because it leaves me feeling too bloated."

Most overweight people don't know what "bloated" is or may associate feeling bloated with feeling "full".  Some prefer to feel bloated because this is the only time they feel satiated.  Thin people dislike this feeling and will stop eating to avoid it.

2.  "I don't like ice cream."

Thin people actually dislike foods that are too sweet or rich.  I've actually developed a dislike of ice cream because it's too sugary and hasn't much actual flavor.  I became aware of paying attention to flavor and preferring a small bite of something very flavorful over large amounts of something bland when I read "French Women Don't Get Fat".

3.  "I ate too much.  I'd better eat lighter for dinner (or skip dinner)." 

Overweight people usually think, "I blew my diet so I might as well go crazy and start again tomorrow/next week/next month".  And the idea of skipping a meal is just out of the question.  Thin people obviously think about it very differently.

4. "We're going out for dinner tonight at my favorite restaurant.  I'd better skip lunch to save room."

Skipping a meal is simply out of the question for the naturally overweight.   

5.  "I'm hungry, but there's nothing I want to eat right now.  I'll wait until I get home/I have time to drop by my favorite restaurant/I can go to the grocery store). 

The naturally overweight cannot imagine enduring hunger pains while waiting for the right moment or going to get the food they really want.  For some reason hunger is intolerable for overweight folks and very tolerable for the naturally thin.

6.  "I forgot to to eat today."

Thin people become engrossed with things other than food.  They can get so interested in their work, their art, their friends or other activities that they forget to eat.

7.  "I'm too tired to eat."

Thin people find eating to be a chore at times (can you imagine?) and may even find it to be too much of a hassle to bother with.  Sleep is more important.

8.  "I don't like popcorn at the movies because it gets my hands greasy."

Thin people have other values (being clean for instance) that override their desire for food. 

9.  "I can't eat any more.  I'm full."

I then watched this person pack up a little bit of food for leftovers that I would have finished eating because it was too small to wrap up.  This little bit of food was eaten on another day and that small amount was "just right" to keep them from being hungry (versus stuffing them). 

10.  "I think I'll have a catnap."

This was when a friend hadn't slept well the night before and felt the afternoon blahs.  This was during a time when everyone was contemplating a cappuccino or other caffeine "hit" to battle their fatigue.  Instead, the thin person did what their body was actually requesting - gave it a nap.

11. "I want dessert first so I am sure to have room."

This was from a friend at a restaurant famous for their desserts.  And she did order and taste dessert first to determine whether to leave room for it or not. 

Can you add any more?


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This was a good article. It really gave me a new outlook on how to change my thinking habits to loose weight.


Thank you for your comments. It's always good to get feedback. If you can add anything to this list, I would be very interested in hearing it.



Sometimes one's wife or partner may be the controller of food; by cooking and filling the plates they decide how much food is consumed. Perhaps thin people have more time available and consequently greater control over the amount of food.


felix, you missed the point of the article. No one controls how much you eat, unless they're power-tripping you. You may not control how much goes on your plate, but you certainly control how much goes in your mouth. If you want to keep blaming someone else, go for it - you can keep thinking like an overweight person and stay one.


I agree with almost all of this, except for one statement. I have counseled countless overweight people who skipped meals. In fact many think that this entitles them to giant uncontrolled portions later. Many overweight people skip breakfast, however one of the best things a person can do to help with weight loss is to eat a healthy breakfast. Thin people may skip meals too, but it is not something that will help anyone lose weight.

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I am totally agreed with this post. its amazing information that you have provided to us. thank you


I agree with all of these, but I think the one reason that's responsible for all of them, is the thinking, "do I really need to eat?" Often if you voice this thought, people immediately think "anorexia!" But of course, hunger is a natural feeling that our ancestors would have experienced on a daily basis. I saw a documentary on fasting and the amazing effects it has on your health and brain, and ever since have actually enjoyed the feeling of hunger.


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