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January 27, 2009


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I have just had an Aha moment. Not about money or savings but about replacing one thing with an alternative. when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease I had to remove all gluten from my diet. I never gave much thought about bread and beer until I could no longer have it along with many other staples in any everyday diet. That's when I started smoking again after having quit for 5 years.


Hi Mama,

Aha! That makes perfect sense to me. Returning to smoking after stopping beer and carbs makes perfect sense. I'm so sorry to hear about the celiac disease. I wish you all the best in battling it.

Thank you for sharing.


I appreciate the straightforward insight. Thank You. I find having a goal posted on the fridge helps a lot. A sort of ''what am I saving money FOR'' reminder. The security of savings has to outweigh the pleasure of the moment. keep on blogging! george-


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