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June 22, 2009


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Kelly Walker

Can you please tell me how to access the article on Bipolar and Trauma by Dr. Benjamin Levy?

Thank you!



Sure! Take the reference information at the bottom of the article to any library and they should be able to pull it up in the periodical guide. If they don't have the article, they should be able to request it through an Interlibrary Loan at no charge or at a very small charge for the copying fee.

Paul Bright

Excellent work. I'll include it in my carnival!

Paul Bright


Thank Paul. What a great blog you've created for the loved ones of people struggling with Bipolar Disorder. The description of mania from the patient's perspective:

is really interesting and valuable information for family members who have never experienced mania.

Nice job!

Paul Bright

This is now a feature post in my blog carnival. Thanks for your contribution!
Paul Bright


Wow, thank you for that honor Paul. That is a great website.


another perspective on bipolar is actually that a precursor to a spiritual awakening and that mania and depression are part of a cycle of the body cleansing itself and then "tapping into the universe"
The mania can actually be used creatively and indeed, many highly creative people also have bipolar disorder. my advice... CHANGE YOUR DIET...
DO THIS BEFORE YOU TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS. THE MEDICATIONS HAVE SERIOUS LONGTERM SIDE EFFECTS AND ARE TOXIC. ONCE YOU START WITH THEM IT WILL BE VERY HARD TO MANAGE WITHOUT. that being said, some people have severe enough symptoms that they need the medication. I had intense rage and suicidal impulses that eventually resolved and gave way, revealing immense trauma that had been unaddressed. But the creative and emotional highs from my trip high and low are still with me and I would never choose to live my life not having known those states of being. Maybe god is more than just good things... Meaning, the emotional extremes may just be "his " way of being within you... So it's up to you to remain on I had to explain the mania is say it's isnt grandiosity at all but intense love... Wanting to know the entirety of life and not wanting to be spared any inch of knowing...the heart has to learn to take it one day at a time... It can't just jump into infinity like that as a routine way of being...

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