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January 04, 2011


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Grieving Parent

Thanks for the information. Being in the right setting is so important for the success of group therapy. I have had my experiences both with a troubled teen and then as a grieving parent after the death of a child. Thanks again for your thoughts.

How To Make A Guy Want You

I had never truly realized the difference between a support group and a therapy group until reading this post. I always figured they were the same thing.

I think many people forget to ask the important questions and dive in only to find out it's not what they hoped. This can lead to a very discouraging experience.


How To Get a Guy To Like You

Fantastic advice, very useful for getting the most success out of group therapy. It is indeed about asking the right questions.


Is there anything like a support group for people who have suffered in the role of family scapegoat or black sheep for years, if not decades and want to turn things around in England, please?


Hi Sandra,

I'm in the United States so I don't know about England. Hopefully, a reader will be able to help. I wish you all the best on your journey.

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