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November 13, 2011


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Marie Gronley MD

I can understand and appreciate your point which is well made. There does seem to be an increase in diagnosing "mental disorders" as physiologically grounded versus a personality disorder. I would hope that most psychiatrists would use good discernment and not jump to the conclusion that every form of aberrant behavior is due to a chemical imbalance and consider personality disorders along with possible underlying biological issues. Myself and many colleagues make it a point to use a team approach and refer to psychologists and counselors when we believe that an individual would be better served with counseling or a behavior modification opposed to medications.


Hello Dr. Gronley,

I wish there were more like you. I do realilze that there are some truly wonderful psychiatrists out there and I have had the good fortune to work with a few of them. But I have also seen the effects of the drug reps on their attitudes and this worries me. I think the tide is turning, however, and recent efforts by the American Psychiatry Association to hold themselves more accountable and to take active measures to reduce the influence of pharmaceutical companies on psychological research and practice is very encouraging and is working to restore people's faith in the psychiatry field.

(If only the banking industry would hold itself up for such scrutiny and work to maintain the same ethical standards!)

I also appreciate your point about the team approach to treating patients. A good treatment team is invaluable to both the clinician and the patient. Thank you for pointing this out.

Marie Gronley MD

You're very welcome Kellen, I enjoyed the article and found it to be of great value!

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