What a Difference a Year Makes!
An Open Letter to the DSM-5

Generation RX - The Effects of Capitalism on the Practice of Medicine

"To call normal children diseased, abnormal, chemically imbalanced.  To make patients out of them for profit.  This is not only anti-scientific, it is contrary to our Hippocratic oath.  It is immoral, and it should be exposed and stopped."

Dr. Fred A. Baughman, MD
Neurologist and Author
As quoted from the movie, "Generation RX"

Generation RX is a movie which explores the connections between the pharmaceutical industry and medicine.  How the pharmaceutical industry affects the formations of diagnoses and the treatments of psychiatric disorders.  This relationship is causing normal human behavior to be medicalized and classified as "abnormal".  It is causing a massive increase in the prescription of psychotropic medications for children at increasingly younger ages.  Some quotes from the movie:

"Mind and mood altering drugs are the fastest growing class of drugs in the world."  Generation RX

"It's quite ironic actually because the only imbalances that we know of in the brains of people who are called mental patients are the ones inflicted on them by the psychiatric drugs.  How ironic.  We make a false claim that they have biochemical imbalances then we give them biochemical imbalances."

Peter R. Breggin, MD
Psychiatrist and Author

"In prescribing powerful psychostimulants and then selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors to children, these drugs were never designed to be used in children in the first instance.  The ethical dilemma is extending their use to children with no scientific support whatsoever." 

Barry Turner
Medical Law and Ethics, Lincoln University

"As a journalist I was a believer in this story.  I wrote stories about how psychiatric disorders are caused by chemical imbalances.  I can remember writing a story about this Depression Screening Day.  Isn't that a good thing?  Go get screened.  So, I was a believer in a story of psychiatry as a story of progress.  We were learning about the brain, we were  learning about the biological underpinnings of the these disorders and we had drugs that fixed that biolgical problem.  That's what I believed as a science writer.  So, I was stunned.  That when you actually go the research, it's not there.  That the whole story starts falling apart.  This whole public story of advance in understanding in the biology of psychiatric disorders - it falls apart so quickly.  And what you find in fact is that the drugs cause chemical imbalances because they perturb normal systems.  They block normal function of say, dopamine and serotonin and the brain actually tries to compensate for this.  It was exactly the reverse of what I had written about and been told."

"So, I hate to say this, I was a believer.  And you can't believe when you dig into this research literature, and if you're a believe in science like I am,  you can't believe the fraud that has been perpetrated on the American public.  And it has been a fraud."

Robert Whitaker
Pulitzer Prize Nominated Journalist, Science Writer

"Kids I know all over my community could easily, if they were in a particular school with a particular teacher be labeled as "hyperactive".  I don't put a lot of credibility in the definition of hyperactivity.  I know that some people would criticize me for this because they think it's all good science.  It's really not.  It's part of the commercial reality."

Stephen Post Ph.D
Case Western School of Medicine

"Generation RX" is available through streaming video on Netflix.  You can also purchase the video on Amazon.com.






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I'm so glad you're back. Also; I LOVED seeing the nonprofit you started. So proud of you and happy for the human beings who will get to benefit.


thank you for sharing this...I have shared in entirety and linked back to you here. Please let me know if that is not acceptable and I'd be happy to make any changes.


Hi Rox,

Good to see you are still here. Thank you for all your support!


Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for the link back and the article. I appreciate you getting the word out!


The situation seems to be similar here in the UK; there was a recent tv programme on this very subject that exposed medication is being used much more frequently.

Another tv programme suggested that a great deal of money is being made by some health consultants, who, by being linked to certain companies, can use untested medical prosthetics made by these companies. The programme highlighted faulty replacement hips that were causing infection of the tissue and bone by the incorrect use of metals - all because of money. Will capitalism have the same effects on our health service as it has with our economy? And when will our politicians have enough foresight and control of this system to prevent another catastrophe.


Hi Felix,

I don't know about the UK, but the American health service is already self-destructing as a result of capitalism. As a "provider" who has to work with the insurance companies I can testify to the horrific problems caused by private companies - who are created solely for the purpose of generating a profit - holding in their hands the health of our citizenry. The battles that go on behind closed doors between health care providers, who are trying to do what is best for the patient, and the insurance companies, who are trying to pay as little as possible on those patients are not pretty. I have seen numerous colleagues reduced to tears due to their futile fights for their patients' health. Their only solution so far has been to refuse to serve patients who cannot afford private pay (so as to avoid the insurance companies) or to leave the field all together. Most patients are totally unaware of this. And it continually gets worse. I cannot imagine where we will go from here. Be thankful you are in the UK, lol.


Here are some links that tackle mental illness denial:







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