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January 28, 2013


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Could you tell us about the benefit of animal assistance please? Is there a particular type of pet that could help those in need?


Hi Felix,

Let me see if I can work on something about that. Thanks for the suggestion!


Useful for trauma of any kind.

I think the world of psychotherapy is in need of a huge overhaul. I saw two therapists who did not grasp this concept, of "brakes". One was a "family" therapist who should have refused to take my parents on as clients, as I was well into adulthood and my parents were enmeshed.

Both of these therapists list "PTSD" as one of their areas of expertise.

It is a really long story.


please consider adding 'Toxic Parents' by Susan Forward, to your list of good books on the subject. It contains much excellent, practical guidance on how to help oneself in overcoming this hideous crime.

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