What to Do if You Were Sexually Molested as a Child
For every negative thing you say to someone you love...

Is Stranger Danger Real?

The media constantly bombards us with stories about "stranger danger" and warns parents to take precautions.  But how valid are these concerns?

Stranger danger is not to be taken lightly, but protecting your children from strangers should not be your first concern.  Who is most likely to harm your child?

Studies show that up to 95% of children who are sexually abused know the perpetrator.  Acquaintances constitute the largest group of offenders and relatives come in second.  Strangers are the smallest group (7-12%).

 Sadly, it's the people closest to your children who put them at the most risk.



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I don't understand how studies can reveal a figure of 95% and then an aditional 7-12%. That equates to over 100%; how is that possible?

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