Am I Crazy?
A few thoughts on the Kelly Thomas verdict

Seen on Facebook:

The first to apologize is the bravest.
The first to forgive is the strongest.
The first to forget is the happiest.

Hmmm, I love the first two, but that third one bears some thought. I think we should remember what has been done to us. If we've been mistreated, we need to keep our guard up to prevent it from happening again. If we've been loved, we need to remember who was there for us.



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Annemarie Frost

I absolutely agree, forgetting what has happened in our lives will only lead to repeating our mistakes. Accepting the things that happened in our past, I believe, is what will lead to happiness!


I forget because I have to.

I am the person that lives inside me, my emotions have been the result of influence and time, but inside I am still me, I can see me and I like what I see. Emotions I can control because I know they are not me, I can feel the world and experience it without the need to do so from behind a guard. Inside I am that child-newborn, my smile is from a strong heart and my helping hand is fashioned from love and experience.

All this I know because I forget, I forget the time between newborn and recent times because I need to. I need to be - just be. I needed the bad things to make me strong, there was a time for that and now there is a time for me. To recall things past would burden my future, my now: I am better than that. I have studied, and most of all understood relationship roles, boundaries etc. I live with awareness that education has delivered; I feel, I understand, I have no need to remember.

As for love, I reap its warmth from nature, I keep it within and let it go when I feel the time is right.

Thanks Kellen

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