"Choosing" to be Happy

When, "I'm sorry" isn't an apology

When people say they are "sorry", but keep doing a hurtful behavior - they aren't sorry.

I'm just saying...

I see this a lot with antisocial folks.  Since they feel no remorse, they can't really be sorry.  But they say the words "I'm sorry" because they have learned are socially expected.

So everyone says you should forgive them - because they said they were sorry.

But you can't, can you?  Because they haven't actually apologized, they've just mouthed the words.  And because they keep hurting you.  If someone says they're sorry, but continues to hit you in the head, how can you forgive them?

You can walk away from them.  You can stop allowing them to hit you in the head.  You can let go of the hurt and the betrayal and the sadness and the anger.  You can get over it and get on with your life. 

But you can't forgive them, because they haven't truly asked you for forgiveness - or earned it.





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