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Why a Therapist is Against the Death Penalty

A therapist against the death penalty?  I'm sure no one is shocked by this.  We are famous for being flaming liberals.  However, my primary objection to the death penalty may not be what you suppose, i.e. that criminals can be rehabilitated.  I do not believe that people like John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy could have been rehabilitated.  However, I still do not think we should have been given a death penalty.  Why?

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The Man of the House

Once again I watched as an 8 year boy (with a 10 year old sister and a 6 year old brother) was told he was now "the man of the house" and "you have to look out for your mom, brother and sister now".  His father and mother have divorced and this advice was coming for a seemingly well-intentioned adult, but it made my hair curl.  Why?

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How to Help Someone Grieve

A client, who recently lost a brother, asked me how she could help her mother who was still grieving the loss of her son.  It was an excellent question.  American culture does not teach us how to grieve.  A not-so-uncommon approach is to go to the doctor and get an antidepressant to avoid feeling the pain.  But this only delays the inevitable.  It does not help you to grieve.  And it does not help the person you care about to grieve and move on.  How do you help another person grieve in a healthy way?

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