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Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

My video collection is inexplicable, unless you understand its purpose.  The only movies I actually purchase to keep are those which are safe and make me laugh.  I know no one dies, there is no violence, no animals are killed or harmed in the viewing of this movie and it makes me laugh.

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Dealing with Addiction During the Holidays

Though we often think of the holidays as a time of giving and sharing they can also be extremely stressful.  This stress can lead to an increase in substance use or a relapse by someone in recovery.  What are some of the symptoms of a problem in a family member?  In yourself?  What can you do to protect your own sobriety?

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Mindfulness, Childhood Trauma and Denial

The hot new concept in psychotherapy these days is "mindfulness".  At least the word is new.  Most concepts are just old concepts revisited with new jargon.  This concept is an important one and I'm glad it has been resurrected.  Many of us grew up learning to be out of touch with our bodies, our senses and our emotions.  People who experienced trauma as children and those who lived in repressive households are especially susceptible. 

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"That Didn't Happen": The Importance of Validating Children's Experiences

I was raised by Cleopatra, the Queen of Denial.  Now I love this woman dearly and she has a myriad of good qualities.  But dealing with reality is not one of them.  But then reality is not always easy to deal with, especially when children are involved.  There's a very fine balance between not putting your emotions on the children or processing your problems through them (especially if you are a single parent), yet still being honest with them that something is going on.  What do I mean by that?  

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