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Finally, Someone Agrees: Anger is Normal

Dr. Ken Eisold, a psychoanalyst writing for Psychology Today states in his article, "Anger and Exercise", "Anger is a normal and adaptive response to an attack or a threat. It has been useful in our evolutionary struggle for survival. The brain detects the danger and the body is aroused and energized to react with fight or flight."

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Take Two Yoga Classes and Call me in the Morning

I'm reading the August 2009 edition (yes I am a little bit behind in my reading) of Yoga Journal and I am reminded once again of all the benefits yoga has to offer in one's struggle for peace of mind and mental health.

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10 Ways to Help an "ADHD" Child - Without Medication

Many children with whom I work I have been labeled "ADHD" and placed on medications in an attempt to control their "acting out" or their "meltdowns" or their "behavior problems" at school. 

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Treat Your Own Depression - Naturally

When battling depression, many people go to their medical doctor and get a prescription for an antidepressant.  The recommended treatment for mild to moderate depression is psychotherapy and, if needed, a prescription for an antidepressant.   Medication seems to be the first line of defense.  Psychotherapy is rarely mentioned.  In addition, there are many things clients can do for themselves to reduce depression symptoms, yet this information is rarely presented either.  You can try these techniques instead of medication if you are mildly or moderately depressed.  You can use them in addition to medication if more severely depressed.  What are some of these things you can do for yourself?

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