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Progress not Perfection: Striving for Success with Healthy Expectations

I remember the first day I walked into the gym after years of being a bonafide couch potato.  After 5 minutes on the treadmill I was gasping for breath.  I watched as people around blithely ran for an hour, barely breaking a sweat.  It was daunting and not a little intimidating.  But then I remember something I had learned along my journey in life...

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Expectations, Frustrations and Office Politics

"It isn't fair!" 

One employee is the boss' pet.  They come in late, leave early, do not perform their job duties, have their work assigned to or covered by other people and spend the rest of their day surfing the internet or making personal calls.  Other employees get reprimanded for doing all of these things.   Yet this person gets away with it. 

I hear this complaint a lot with other colleagues and with clients.   How do you deal with it?

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Unrealistic Expectations Can Lead to Frustrations

I sat at the staff meeting listening to a social worker talk about a client who was very upset because the elevator in her subsidized apartment complex was too far from her door - and I marveled.  Not only had the client invested a lot of energy in being upset about this, but the social worker had bought into it and had now upset herself about it.  Then, she brought it to the staff meeting and worried 17 other people about it.  What's wrong with this picture?

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