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Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

My video collection is inexplicable, unless you understand its purpose.  The only movies I actually purchase to keep are those which are safe and make me laugh.  I know no one dies, there is no violence, no animals are killed or harmed in the viewing of this movie and it makes me laugh.

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10 Ways to Help an "ADHD" Child - Without Medication

Many children with whom I work I have been labeled "ADHD" and placed on medications in an attempt to control their "acting out" or their "meltdowns" or their "behavior problems" at school. 

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Strategies to Help you Deal with Low Frustration Tolerance

Having "low frustration tolerance" is often a factor in creating stress and can lead to anger and rage.  The good news is frustration tolerance can be increased by simply changing the way you think about things.  What is low frustration tolerance and how can you work to address it?

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