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Another "ADHD and Bipolar Child" - Not

He is six years old.  His mother begins the intake stating that he is "ADHD" and "Bipolar".  She tells me his 3 year old little sister is also "Bipolar".  I'm horrified.  She's only 3 years old!  The mother states this as if it were a fact.  She continues...

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Moral Hazard, Perverse Incentive and Homeless Families

When talking about the problem of homeless families there seem to be two main schools of thought, both of which view homelessness as a social problem.  The first, homeless families are homeless because of a lack of affordable housing.  The second, homeless families are homeless because of poverty.  I do not think either of these is true.  I would like explain why and to propose a third way of viewing the problem.

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How to Help Homeless Children

Homeless children are the most vulnerable people in the homeless community and should be the primary focus of efforts to address homelessness.  I am fortunate to live in a community where people are anxious to help and are very generous, but there does not seem to be a lot of accurage information in the community about the needs of homeless children.  I hope this article provides necessary information for individuals who want to help with this worthy cause.  

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Barriers vs. Behaviors and the Homeless Population

I sat in the meeting with case workers and social workers of homeless clients and desperately wanted to bang my head on the table.  The cause of my distress was the word "barriers".  Granted, many homeless clients face serious barriers.  But the way the word barriers was being used during the meeting was indicative of the inappropriate and ineffective ways the social services system approaches problems.

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