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The Fallacies of Suicide Prevention

Through the years I have attended numerous Suicide Prevention training programs.  They always raise a great deal of concern and many questions for me.  My colleagues and I often discuss this, but rarely do so in public.  Perhaps the conversation should be brought to the fore.

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The Meaning of Life in America

I recently listened to the video-taped lecture on the American financial situation by economics professor Richard Wolff.  In addition to brilliantly describing the causes behind the current economic crisis in America he also makes the point that "success" in the American culture is defined by consumption.  We are what we are able to buy. 

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When Gasoline was $4.00 per Gallon

When gasoline hit $4.00/gallon I resolved to walk more and drive less.  I started to take the bus to work (which burns natural gas instead of petroleum products - an added bonus for the ozone).  I started to walk across the street to the pharmacy and down the block to the grocery store.  I started to run a mile with my dog instead of driving to the gym to "work out".   I walked to the video store rather than driving two blocks.  What happened?

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