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Holiday Wellness Tips

Staying grounded during the holidays is difficult for most everyone.  Financial stressors, substance abuse issues (yours or someone else's) or a history of trauma can only exacerbate the problem.  Add to that the fact that old family roles kick in during family gatherings and well-adjusted, normally sane people suddenly find themselves acting like 5 year olds.  How do you maintain your peace of mind and stay balanced?

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Staying on a Budget

I thought putting myself on a budget would be painful.  But I found quite the opposite to be true.  When I put myself on a budget I found that I really liked being in control of my money.  I felt less out of control.  I felt less incompetent.  I felt better about myself and about my ability to control myself.  I also like knowing there was excess money in savings if I needed it.  There was also the day at the grocery store when the card reader denied my debit card.  "Uh, no", I thought.  "That's just incorrect.  There is plenty of money in that account."  And I was right.  It was a glitch in the system.

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When Gasoline was $4.00 per Gallon

When gasoline hit $4.00/gallon I resolved to walk more and drive less.  I started to take the bus to work (which burns natural gas instead of petroleum products - an added bonus for the ozone).  I started to walk across the street to the pharmacy and down the block to the grocery store.  I started to run a mile with my dog instead of driving to the gym to "work out".   I walked to the video store rather than driving two blocks.  What happened?

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