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Military Structure and the Chaotic Family

Working in a homeless shelter, I work with a lot of clients who came from very dysfunctional and chaotic family systems.  One man grew up in such a family and overcame it by joining the military.  How did that help?  

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Tilting at Windmills

They say troubles come in threes.  I think issues must too.  It seems that clients and colleagues alike seem to be struggling with the same issues at the same time.  One week I'll have a plethora of "Victims" in my office.  The next a lot of depression.  This week it seems to be people tilting at windmills.  I'm still trying to figure out if I just become sensitive to an issue so that is what I see everywhere.  Or if everyone is truly struggling with the same thing at the same time.  Either way, I seem to be surrounded by people tilting at windmills this week.

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How to Change Negative Behavior Patterns

Negative Behavior Patterns can be anything from procrastination, overspending, overeating, or poor time management.  Changing Negative Behavior Patterns can help you feel more confident in your own abilities and increase your self esteem.  This is hard work, but well worth the effort.  How do you begin? 

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"Let's You and Him Fight" - In the Workplace

In his book, "Games People Play", Dr. Eric Berne describes the game of "Let's You and Him Fight".  I see this game played out all the time in office politics.  Let's say "Joe" is upset about something that has happened in the office, usually something done by the boss or someone in a position above him.  He goes to his colleagues, Sam and Maria, to vent his frustration and to ask for advice.  What does he get?   Sympathy, for sure.  What advice may Sam and Maria provide?  "You should file a grievance."  "You should go have it out with the person."  "You should confront them about that."  "You need to stand up for yourself."  But is this really the best advice?

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