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What to Do if You Were Sexually Molested as a Child

Someone sent me a link to the story of Brigitte Harris who accidentally killed her father after she found out he was intended to molest other children as he had molested her.  Unfortunately, her story is not rare.  But she said something which deeply saddened me.

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Trauma Tourette's

I was once working with a child who was also seeing a psychiatrist.  Like many children with whom I work this child had numerous diagnoses:  ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and Intermittent Explosive Disorder.  However, when the mother would describe the child's behavior I would instantly think "trauma".  I kept saying this to her, but she was swayed by the authority of the doctor and maintained his belief the child was mentally ill.  Until her child told her he had been sexually and physically abused.

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Psychiatric Medications as a "Crutch"

Throughout the years I have worked with several clients who were criticized or rebuked by family members or Alcoholics Anonymous sponsors for using psychiatric medications as a "crutch".  Yes.... and?

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Alcoholics Anonymous and Psychiatric Medications

Throughout the years I've agonized when working with dual diagnosis clients who attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or any of their sister programs.  Too often there are well-meaning people in the groups who take it upon themselves to give psychological or medical advice.  All too often, this results in tremendous damage.   One of the major offenders is the idea that any member of AA, CA or NA who is taking psychiatric medications is not "clean and sober".  Not only is this bad advice it's not the official policy of AA.

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Are We Thinking Beings Which Feel or Feeling Beings Which Think?

It seems most Americans like to think of themselves as thinking beings who happen to feel.  But research into the human brain shows that we are instead feeling beings who are able to think.  I believe our failure to recognize this causes untold frustration and the current epidemic of people being diagnosed with depression.

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The Relationship between Trauma, Depression and Anxiety

People often think of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and depression as four separate "disorders".  Indeed the medical model of psychiatric treatment fosters this way of thinking, but it's not always accurate.  Many time these four separate "disorders" are all expressions of trauma.  Anxiety and depression can be intimately linked.  How?

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Create an Anchor to Reduce Anxiety and Panic

Therapists often help clients struggling with trauma symptoms like anxiety and panic attacks by teaching them to develop what we call an "anchor".  An anchor helps you pull down fear and panic and steady yourself, much like the anchor of a boat.  It's easy to use and anyone can do it for themselves, if they know how. 

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The Body - Thoughts - Feelings Connection

There is an interesting concept that can greatly help you get control of your own emotions, thoughts and behavior - the awareness that your body, your thoughts and your emotions all exist as parts within the same system.  If you change one, you can affect the other two.  Understanding this can help clients get control of uncomfortable thoughts or feelings which may seem too nebulous to get hold of otherwise.

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