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How to Change Negative Behavior Patterns

Negative Behavior Patterns can be anything from procrastination, overspending, overeating, or poor time management.  Changing Negative Behavior Patterns can help you feel more confident in your own abilities and increase your self esteem.  This is hard work, but well worth the effort.  How do you begin? 

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Procrastination and Hysteria as a Method for Self Glorification

I'm watching a colleague engage in mass hysteria while trying to finish a project, a project that was put off until the last possible second and now the entire office is in a hysterical uproar trying to meet the deadline.  Alas, this is nothing new.  This is the way every project is handled;  wait until the last minute, rush about like mad, get hysterical and scream at people.  Anytime I see behavior I don't understand I ask myself, "What purpose does it serve?"

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Fear of Failure and Procrastination

My mother had a friend who was an oil painter.  She never finished a painting.  She would work on it for weeks or months and bring it to the point that it only needed a few finishing touches - and then she stopped.  My mother once asked her why she never finished them.  Her answer?

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One of the primary methods of self-sabotage is procrastination.  It is an insidious behavior that very quietly destroys the lives of people who engage in it.  Procrastination is a lifestyle and people who procrastinate typically do so in all areas of their life.  They are often late paying bills, arriving at appointments, and meeting deadlines.  Procrastination slowly but steadily creates enormous obstacles in the paths of people who practice it, preventing them from reaching the goals they have set for themselves. 

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