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Maintaining the Cycle of Abuse

People who were abused in their families of origin may practice the same abusive behavior towards themselves.  They may also pass it on to their children.  This creates a sick, and sometimes fatal, cycle of abuse that repeats itself generation after generation.

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The Voices in Your Head: Tuning in to Your Self Talk

Self talk is the little dialogue you have going on in your head throughout the day.  It is extremely subtle and most people don't realize it's even going on.  It's usually a "tape" of what your parents, or whoever raised you, said to you while you were growing up.  If they were nurturing and supportive, your self talk probably is nurturing and forgiving.  But if they were punitive, verbally abusive, demeaning, belittling, negative, fearful or insulting your self talk probably is too.

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WWND? Why I Want to be More Like my Dog.

Some people, when confronted with a paradox in life, ask themselves, "What Would Jesus Do?"  Personally, I ask myself, "What would Nisse do?"  My goal in life is to be more like my dog, Nisse (pronounced "NIS suh").  I have a lot of human mentors in my life to whom I look up to, but Nisse has a special quality I lack and want to learn. 

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