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Maintaining the Cycle of Abuse

People who were abused in their families of origin may practice the same abusive behavior towards themselves.  They may also pass it on to their children.  This creates a sick, and sometimes fatal, cycle of abuse that repeats itself generation after generation.

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Tilting at Windmills

They say troubles come in threes.  I think issues must too.  It seems that clients and colleagues alike seem to be struggling with the same issues at the same time.  One week I'll have a plethora of "Victims" in my office.  The next a lot of depression.  This week it seems to be people tilting at windmills.  I'm still trying to figure out if I just become sensitive to an issue so that is what I see everywhere.  Or if everyone is truly struggling with the same thing at the same time.  Either way, I seem to be surrounded by people tilting at windmills this week.

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Fear of Failure and Procrastination

My mother had a friend who was an oil painter.  She never finished a painting.  She would work on it for weeks or months and bring it to the point that it only needed a few finishing touches - and then she stopped.  My mother once asked her why she never finished them.  Her answer?

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Outrageous! The Psychology of Self-Righteous Indignation

This seems to be Self-Righteous Indignation Month.  Apparently I did not receive the memo.  I'm seeing so many clients this month who are filled with self-righteous indignation about the behavior of other people.  They really get themselves worked up over it and come in totally frustrated and angry.  What is this all about?

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Self Regulation

I've begun to see a connection between clients who are struggling with self regulation and growing up in a very authoritarian families.  By "self regulation" I mean they have difficulty managing, or regulating, their emotions, behaviors, and impulses.  They may use drugs or alcohol to excess, overeat, break the law or spend money far beyond their means. 

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Self Sabotage: How We Sabotage Ourselves

Most of us utilize multiple forms of self sabotage and our sabotaging behavior is typically subconscious. This is what makes it so difficult to identify. Do any of the descriptions below sound like you? Has anyone in your life accused you of doing these things? If so, you may want to focus on your behavior more carefully and see if there is truth in what they are saying.

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