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I'm not Racist. I'm Sexist! : How to Approach a Woman, Alone, at Night.

Often, when walking alone at night scanning the environment for danger, I have had minority males accuse me of being racist.  "You thought the Mexican was going to get you, huh?"   "You're keeping an eye on the Black guy, hmm?"  You bet I am.  But not because you're Mexican or Black.  Because you're male.

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Discounts as a Form of Abuse

When transactional analysts talk about a "discount", they are not talking about getting something cheaper.  They are referring to something much more insidious.  A discount in TA is a way of denying some part of another person and, unfortunately, discounts are quite common in most of our lives. 

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Beauty and the Beast and Women in Relationships

I hate this particular fairy tale.  And I strongly encourage parents not to tell this story to their daughters.  Why?  It tells the story of a beautiful and intelligent woman who falls in love with a beast.  The moral of the story?  If she loves the beast enough he will become a prince.  What's wrong with that?

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