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Take Two Yoga Classes and Call me in the Morning

I'm reading the August 2009 edition (yes I am a little bit behind in my reading) of Yoga Journal and I am reminded once again of all the benefits yoga has to offer in one's struggle for peace of mind and mental health.

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Are We Thinking Beings Which Feel or Feeling Beings Which Think?

It seems most Americans like to think of themselves as thinking beings who happen to feel.  But research into the human brain shows that we are instead feeling beings who are able to think.  I believe our failure to recognize this causes untold frustration and the current epidemic of people being diagnosed with depression.

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Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

My video collection is inexplicable, unless you understand its purpose.  The only movies I actually purchase to keep are those which are safe and make me laugh.  I know no one dies, there is no violence, no animals are killed or harmed in the viewing of this movie and it makes me laugh.

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Dealing with Addiction During the Holidays

Though we often think of the holidays as a time of giving and sharing they can also be extremely stressful.  This stress can lead to an increase in substance use or a relapse by someone in recovery.  What are some of the symptoms of a problem in a family member?  In yourself?  What can you do to protect your own sobriety?

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Stuck in a Rut

Some wise person once said that a rut is a grave not yet filled in.  I'm stuck in a rut, and I choose to stay there.  How does someone with psychological training get in a rut?  We're just like everyone else and we fumble and stumble our way through life like everyone else.  If we are healthy, though, we are doing our own work.  How does a therapist handle being in a rut?  Well, let's see...

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Anxiety, Depression and Life Stressors

A lot of folks come to see me complaining of anxiety, irritability, depression, mood swings or insomnia and trying to understand what's causing this change in their emotions and behavior.  It's sad, but many of don't realize the effects of stress on our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  It's also sad that most of us are so out of touch with ourselves that we don't even realize how much stress we are under or that things we are going through might provoke or increase stress.  There is a simple, free online quiz that will make you more aware of stressors in your life.

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Create an Anchor to Reduce Anxiety and Panic

Therapists often help clients struggling with trauma symptoms like anxiety and panic attacks by teaching them to develop what we call an "anchor".  An anchor helps you pull down fear and panic and steady yourself, much like the anchor of a boat.  It's easy to use and anyone can do it for themselves, if they know how. 

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The Most Important Thing for Mental Health

When considering the most important elements for mental health, a really basic one is often overlooked.  It's not stress reduction, a healthy diet, exercise, healthy relationships, or taking your medications.  What is it?

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