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Maintaining the Cycle of Abuse

People who were abused in their families of origin may practice the same abusive behavior towards themselves.  They may also pass it on to their children.  This creates a sick, and sometimes fatal, cycle of abuse that repeats itself generation after generation.

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Military Structure and the Chaotic Family

Working in a homeless shelter, I work with a lot of clients who came from very dysfunctional and chaotic family systems.  One man grew up in such a family and overcame it by joining the military.  How did that help?  

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Progress not Perfection: Striving for Success with Healthy Expectations

I remember the first day I walked into the gym after years of being a bonafide couch potato.  After 5 minutes on the treadmill I was gasping for breath.  I watched as people around blithely ran for an hour, barely breaking a sweat.  It was daunting and not a little intimidating.  But then I remember something I had learned along my journey in life...

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Fear of Failure and Procrastination

My mother had a friend who was an oil painter.  She never finished a painting.  She would work on it for weeks or months and bring it to the point that it only needed a few finishing touches - and then she stopped.  My mother once asked her why she never finished them.  Her answer?

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WWND? Why I Want to be More Like my Dog.

Some people, when confronted with a paradox in life, ask themselves, "What Would Jesus Do?"  Personally, I ask myself, "What would Nisse do?"  My goal in life is to be more like my dog, Nisse (pronounced "NIS suh").  I have a lot of human mentors in my life to whom I look up to, but Nisse has a special quality I lack and want to learn. 

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