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To "Heal" or not to "Heal"...

... that is the question.  A veteran of Vietnam was talking about his experiences in Vietnam, about coming home and about the trauma he experienced and about how others believed he should react to that trauma.  The mental health professionals, the V.A., his family and his friends all wanted him to "heal".  But what they meant by "heal" was to forget, to stop talking about it, to move forward as if nothing happened.  But he disagrees.  He doesn't want to "heal".  He wants to remember.

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Brothers - A Film about War, Trauma and Family Roles

This weekend I watched a poignant film about a soldier who is captured in Afghanistan and the devastating effects it has on his wife and children and his family of origin.  The movie also does a nice job of illustrating the familial roles of hero and scapegoat and how these roles might be reversed. 

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TBIs and Other Non-Casualties of the War in Iraq

I've been reading articles about the effects of modern medicine in the war on Iraq.  Soldiers who previously would have died from serious injuries to the head, skull, and brain are now being saved from death.  The Washington Post reports there are currently more than 4,700 casualties of the war on Iraq and the reason the number is not larger can be attributed to the marvels of modern medicine. 

Why might this be a problem?

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