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Take Two Yoga Classes and Call me in the Morning

I'm reading the August 2009 edition (yes I am a little bit behind in my reading) of Yoga Journal and I am reminded once again of all the benefits yoga has to offer in one's struggle for peace of mind and mental health.

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Maintaining the Cycle of Abuse

People who were abused in their families of origin may practice the same abusive behavior towards themselves.  They may also pass it on to their children.  This creates a sick, and sometimes fatal, cycle of abuse that repeats itself generation after generation.

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Self Regulation

I've begun to see a connection between clients who are struggling with self regulation and growing up in a very authoritarian families.  By "self regulation" I mean they have difficulty managing, or regulating, their emotions, behaviors, and impulses.  They may use drugs or alcohol to excess, overeat, break the law or spend money far beyond their means. 

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