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This was a good article. It really gave me a new outlook on how to change my thinking habits to loose weight.

Thank you for your comments. It's always good to get feedback. If you can add anything to this list, I would be very interested in hearing it.


Sometimes one's wife or partner may be the controller of food; by cooking and filling the plates they decide how much food is consumed. Perhaps thin people have more time available and consequently greater control over the amount of food.

felix, you missed the point of the article. No one controls how much you eat, unless they're power-tripping you. You may not control how much goes on your plate, but you certainly control how much goes in your mouth. If you want to keep blaming someone else, go for it - you can keep thinking like an overweight person and stay one.

I agree with almost all of this, except for one statement. I have counseled countless overweight people who skipped meals. In fact many think that this entitles them to giant uncontrolled portions later. Many overweight people skip breakfast, however one of the best things a person can do to help with weight loss is to eat a healthy breakfast. Thin people may skip meals too, but it is not something that will help anyone lose weight.

I am totally agreed with this post. its amazing information that you have provided to us. thank you

I agree with all of these, but I think the one reason that's responsible for all of them, is the thinking, "do I really need to eat?" Often if you voice this thought, people immediately think "anorexia!" But of course, hunger is a natural feeling that our ancestors would have experienced on a daily basis. I saw a documentary on fasting and the amazing effects it has on your health and brain, and ever since have actually enjoyed the feeling of hunger.

Frequently I donĀ“t eat so I heven't to wash my teeth again. I'm obsessed with teeth washing.

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