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It's unfortunate that this continues to happen. It reminds me of the Vietnam vets that are injured and heavily in need of physical and mental health professionals because of the war they fought for this country.

That is so true Ajlouny. Vietnam vets with whom I have worked are telling me that the Iraq veterans have it much worse than they did. I am very afraid they are right.

Thank you for your feedback.

WE live with TBI. We're fortunate- I guess, since I dont feel too much of a threat from our son, but the impulsivity is very difficult to deal with- unimaginable. He is not a veteran. However, in an effort to bring something for these folks to grasp on to, we began a community where they all gather. Some vets, all members united from TBI. Where are the resourses for the "walking wounded"? Who will listen? Everyone, thank you for your comments.

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