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I really appreciate your work and the way you directly approach the issues. The one point I wanted to address is the idea that any depression is biological. In extreme cases where depression is not grief, there is often some history of unresolved issues, a sense of learned helplessness and powerlessness that perpetuates gettting stuck in this state of being. There are also many environmental factors as well as nutritional issues like sugar, gluten, processed foods etc. I'd like to invite you to revisit the work of Robert Whitaker in his latest book Anatomy of an Epidemic. As one who became victim of the fraud of psychiatry I can speak from experience that the "clinical depression" I was told I had was caused by the drugs that I was given for being "hyperactive" when I sought help to leave an abusive husband. I lived in that belief for 15 years, completely incapacitated and believing I had a "chemical imbalance" yet - through extraordinary circumstances in 2007 I was abruptly taken off all the drugs and now live only with the residual effects of having my brain chemically altered for nearly 2 decades. There is no "chemical imbalance" and as long as this misnomer is perpetuated those who suffer will never find hope or healing.

Hi J,

I couldn't agree with you more. Ironically, I just finished watching the movie, "Generation RX" and writing an article about it. Robert Whitaker is one of the main spokespersons, so your point is well taken. The point of the film is just what you are speaking of; calling mental illnesses "biochemical imbalances" and prescribing medication for them. They have since found that many of the research studies used to justify this were misrepresented - at best - by the pharmaceutical companies.

I'm pleased to hear that you are no longer part of this system. I hope you have found some peace and healing without medication.

Thank you for bringing up this very important issue.

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