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October 07, 2008


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Thanks for submitting this post to our blog carnival. We just published the 15th edition of Drugs and Pharmacology and your article was featured!


Thank you.


Thank you Shaheen!

Hello very very interesting information and excellent blog

some info on a blog about the dark side of benzos

as you've suggest here they are all potentially highly problematic. There is no safe benzo. I'm afraid this article may suggest that an alternative benzo might be safer if not read carefully.

beyond once in a blue moon for crisis people are playing with potential addiction or dependence if one doesn't like the word addiction though I think that is splitting hairs.

it's good to see critical thinking about these meds anywhere.

Hi Ginny,

Thank you for your comments. I will have to review the article, but I certainly dont want to suggest that one benzo is an improvement over another. In my humble opinion, this is a useful medication if used properly, but that proper use is very short term and in very small doses. This is not how I see them used. They seem to be handed out like candy with devastating and deadly results.

Thank you for your feedback.


Thank you for this post... So those of us who do take it, I myself per some days I do, some I don't, do you have a suggestion to maybe a holistic type... I do meditate and tried mental "mind over matter" and sometimes works, sometimes not...


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it's good to see critical thinking about these meds anywhere.

I used to take Xanax&it almost killed me. I still question if wat I had was strokes or seizures? ?? I weaned myself off&switched doctors. They got me on a regimen of meds now that I'm not happy with...but I'm no longer in fear of running out or losing my kids

My docs have no concern or answers...if I culd describe wat happened to me to someone experienced, I'd appreciate it a million times over

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