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October 07, 2008


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Well, then, what about GAD? If you have a long-term need for a reduction in neurotransmitter activity and don't take benzos and can't tolerate SSRI's (like myself), what does that leave? I'm taking the smallest dose of Xanax ER. Have been for months and I don't think I could have made it without it. I'm hardly happy, but I'm nowhere near as panicked and freaked out as before.

Reserpine? Clonidine? Once your brain starts eating itself with over-stimulation, and won't stop on its own, what are your choices?

I've been doing CBT therapy and biofeedback, but the results for that can be months or up to a year or more. If I'm not supposed to take a benzo, how do I keep myself from imploding from anxiety in the months until the other therapy helps?

I had a TIA 7 years ago when I never had taken Xanax before, a stroke 2 years ago when I was taking Xanax, and a TIA last year when I was taking Gabapentin as an alternate to Xanax. When I
I arrived in the ER both times they gave me an aspirin, and a benzo. From my experience I switched back to Xanax as the GABA d
Was useless, they are handed like candy but those 2 mg of Xanax XRS is a blessing. I have several times lowered my dose back to 1mg but I still had no problem. Take the candy poppers and send them to the gym to destress, but for those who really need it Xanax can be a blessing- just watch what you mix it with.

As a former long time addict of xanax, and heroin not together or at the same time but I can tell you this its 1000 times easier to kick heroin 3 days of hell and the sun comes out xanax will turn your world in one long bad dream with more anxiety than you could ever possibly imagine you really think you are justa nervous anxious person its the xanax the worst thing was tolerance going through 30 day script in 21 days for 7 years I actually feel bad for myself just thinking about it the withdrawal is agonizing I feel bad for the millions and millions of older people hooked with absolutely no shot of ever getting off. I remember when trying to get off it hyperinsomnia I sleep with a fan and it always sounded like music was being played Id shut fan off nothing turn on music then I would get restless leg it wish if I was a Dr id be very careful prescribing it Im so scared of xanax its the only drug my wife will let me take occasionally if absolutley necessary because its a great med for a day or two

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