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November 16, 2008


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Great blog keep up the good work!

Read your response to this article on Physorg and thought it was well reasoned. However the fact that you are in the business of mental health means you see a much greater percentage of people for whom this is true than actual population demographics would bear out.

My family and I watch less television in the summer because we do more outdoors in our neighborhood with my childrens friends and parents. In the winter time we spend more time indoors and consequently watch more TV. My wife and I enjoy sitting and watching about 8 hours of TV a week plus a nearly full day of NFL football on Sunday.

To classify my life as anything but happy would be the hallmark of someone who was themselves jealously unhappy.

I watch TV, I let my kids watch a reasonable amount of TV and we are most defintely happy with the situation and feel blessed to have such a cornucopia of choice in our entertainment options.

Thank you for your feedback Chandler. I really appreciate it.

I appreciate your comments QubitTamer. I don't think TV in and of itself is harmful and can in fact be beneficial, especially when it is part of a cornucopia of choices as you suggest. I also think that you make a very good point about weather affecting television habits. It only makes sense that there would be more TV watched in the winter when outdoor activities are limited.

I only become concerned about television watching when people complain that they are unhappy and they do nothing but watch television every night. They don't go out with friends, socialize, or leave the house. Then I wonder if television hasn't become an escape from life rather than a part of it.

Thank you for your comments!

I think the article was only half right. Unhappy and depressed people are likely to withdraw from their problems, family, etc and watch more TV, but i would argue that there are plenty of well adjusted happy people who happen to prefer TV watching over socializing. I can imagine that someone in the public hospitality or restaurant business may prefer to spend an evening catching up on episodes of House or Dirty Jobs vice more face to face chit chat with people...


You make an interesting point. Thank you for commenting.


God help those who help themselves

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