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Absolutely! I love this post. Less bitching, more brainstorming. Less complaining, more action! I decided a long time ago that I was never going to use "should" or "shouldn't" to refer to things that were going on in my life. If it applied to me, well, there you go: if I should do something, then I'll just do it. If I shouldn't, then I won't.

Also, I see this a lot with road rage, too. It either makes me laugh (on a good day) or it pisses me off (on a bad day) because I'm a pedestrian. I have to take five or six times as long to get somewhere as a driver! They can wait the fifteen seconds it takes for me to cross the intersection - they'll speed past and make it up anyway, so affronted are they at their Motorist Privilege being impinged upon.

I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading several posts. This post particularly resonates with me. I work with homeless veterans living in a transitional housing program. The idea that things should be a certain way and that things in life are to be fair seems to plague a great number of my clients. These beliefs lead to a great deal of self-sabotaging behavior and procrastination that serve a barriers to the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency that our program promotes. I appreciate the insight you offer and look forward to reading many more posts in the future.

Thank you both for your feedback and support!

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