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This is just TRUE to the syllable !!

Thanks for this tertimonial. I am sure it will save many a good life for better service to humanity.



Thank you for the feedback! I am glad you found the article helpful.

And you might just lose your family in the process. My family preferred me with low self-esteem. I earned two degrees and started changing (slowly); they pretty much tossed me, saying I had major issues. Go figure! I guess, for some people, power is more important than love and respect.

Sacrificing your own needs and desires for everyone around you ...

Never saying "No" to anyone ...

From the boss's standpoint, this sounds like the ideal employee!

thank you so much for this .I'm greatful

It is the boundaries we set for ourselves, that first and foremost, we are our own very best friend. Co-dependants learn to find themselves as their own best friend on their road to recovery. Self respect is a journey into the unknown, at first. When the first step is taken, the other thousand steps become much easier. Thank you for this article.

Yeah, I was Hell Born and "Raised" by a pair of Sado-Masochistic paranoid Schizoids. I was there just to satisfy sado-masochistic needs & to be a backdrop in their fantasy world. They were identity killers love killers & soul murderers in every way. I attracted every prat and bully loser for miles thanks to their conditioning. Now I know what happened & what to do former bullies avoid me as I am on their warpath first. But as the headline suggests the problem lies with how people are educated/conditioned. The most understanding people I've found try to nurture the most vulnerable by correcting any words or phrases they make which sound passive, submissive etc.. and unrelentigly do this. In short they parent those who need it and do it in an unrelenting warm genuine way. That goes for any fantasy ridden Schizoid personalities, too who really need it most. It may take years, but an affected soul can indeed heal from deep trauma given the right input. Most people are not so smart, though. Society does need to change too from a domination based one into a nurturing one.

What we believe about ourselves is what we show to the world!!!

so many interesting topics....enlightening!!

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