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Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

I suggest you read Dr. David Healy's MANIA, Dr. Peter Breggin's TOXIC PSYCHIATRY and other works. None of the fraud diagnoses have one shred of medical, physical, scientifc evidence whatever by the admission of the authors of the bogus DSM who VOTE these so called diseases in with BIG PHARMA for greed and profit. I think some of your web site is good, but your are perpetrating fraud by claiming Bipolar or any other fraud mental label has any biological component never mind a heavy one. Where is your proof, evidence? In what medical articles have you found this information? None whatsoever!! See Dr. Fred Baughman and other heroes exposing the fraud of psychiatry! Shame on you!

Hi Donna,

Thank you for the recommendations. I will look these books up. The DSM is starting to fall under serious scrutiny, especially with the heavy influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the field of psychiatry. From my experience with Bipolar Disorder it is currently overdiagnosed. People who simply have "mood swings" or are emotional are being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. And I believe this is a serious, serious problem.

However, I have also had clients who actually had Bipolar Disorder and without medication their lives were completely and totally destroyed. They committed felonies, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars they did not have, lost their housing and destroyed countless relationships. Some went so far as to commit suicide while in a seriously depressed phase. And I could see no external situation in their lives which caused these mood swings. Whatever we believe the cause of this illness to be, life without medications can be untenable.

For myself, I am starting to question the explanation that all mental health issues are strictly biological. However, I have seen illnesses run in families. So it has to be addressed whether it runs in families because of family patterns, or it runs in families because of inherited traits which make them more vulnerable to a certain mental illness.

In the end I think we will find there is a mixture of both nature and nurture. We are born with a predisposition toward certain things which can be exacerbated by environmental factors.

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