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Good advice.

Gardening makes me even more depressed, though, haha. I kill everything I touch. :\

Hi Isa,

I used to kill everything to! Im pleased you found the rest of the article useful.


Depression is common but it become a cause of many disease like heart, brain and the others. Depression is a most common symptom of brain problem or the other health related problem. Headaches, unexplained nausea and vomiting, vision problems, loss of sensation in extremity, balance problems, speech difficulties, confusion or behavioral changes, seizures without a history of seizures and hearing problems are the symptoms brain cancer. If you feel these symptoms you need a doctor or a health experts.

Socialize section makes no sense. "Get out of the house and see new faces" Is not socializing... it's taking a walk and staring at people who probably don't want to be stared at. It also doesn't help at all if you live in an isolated location and can't even do that.

This whole article reeks of mild sarcasm too. Why is it so high up on Google?

Hi Kellen,

Just curious if you have insight into this one particular problem...

I find that a LOT of the items on your list make me feel better.

However, even though I KNOW these activities will make me feel better, I STILL don't do them!

Is that just part of the nasty cycle of depression, and I just have to remind myself I have to keep working hard?

Or is it easy to feel like things are better and go back to old habits?

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