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Awesome post, I've been reading about training animals as well as about how to raise children and this completely jives with what I've seen. Makes a whole lot of sense.

Geez, I thought I was the only one!! My husband has a 5 yr old daughter from a previous marriage who has many horrible behavioral problems. I told him a long time ago that if he wants to learn how to correct it he should watch Ceasar Milan. He thought I was being cruel and ridiculous until I showed him how to control her, and then a year later when he commented on how well my ideas worked I explained to him how I was only doing what Ceasar does for the dogs. It is a great shame that her mother, who has custody, babies her and lets her run the household.

Whew! What a relief to know I'm not the only one. I have thought this for so long but been reluctant to say it. Thanks for the support.

It's great to realize we're not the only ones to see this. My wife and I have a 16 year old and a 13 year old. Both kids are very well-behaved, well-adjusted teens. But they did not magically end up that way. A great deal of attention and patience and DISCIPLINE went into their upbringing. I work with a small team, we're all about the same age, but the rest of them are just now starting to raise kids, with the oldest child in the group (after my kids) being 5 years old. The guys are constantly complaining about their kids and how difficult it is to get them to behave properly. I've tried several times to talk to them about the importance of being tough, consistent, and loving with their kids and it seems to go right over their heads. But a few weeks ago two of them were talking about how they are training their dogs and how amazed they are that the things the guy on "The Dog Whisperer" show does really work. I stopped them and asked what it was the Dog Whisperer was talking about and they kept mentioning the importance of showing the dog who is boss, being consistent and loving. I then pointed out that maybe, just maybe the same things their dogs responded to would be things their kids would respond to. I think it's the first time that thought actually drilled into their brain. Who knows, maybe they will actually see the wisdom of taking as much interest in training their kids as they are in training their dogs.

I never really did alot with my parents as a kid. They would always just send me to the park across the street to play with other kids, where they could watch to make sure I was safe, but it didn't let me interact with them. Even at a younger age, I spent more time with my siblings then them, not that that's bad parenting or anything, they just both had to work. Now I'm a 17 year old who can talk and interact with other teens and kids pretty casually, but around adults I'm a social wreck. I think my case helps prove the point your making here with the socialisation, and I hope when I'm a parent I don't make the same mistake. Thanks for being an eye opener :D

Could you explain me the difference between a dog and a child ?

there's not alot :D unfortunately, as the author says, there is a difference between parents and dog trainers.

What great comments. I think Joe's point about attention and patience is well made. Cesar Milan is amazing isn't he?

Redopz, that is exactly what I am talking about with socialization. Thank you for the real life example.

I'm glad people are finding the article helpful.

good post. i have raised (still raising) four, I mean children, and all of the above is true and important. also, put lots of newspaper on the floor

*laughs* Thanks tj. You're absolutely right about the newspaper.

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