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Oh I hear you very well. That's how it worked for me with music. I spent over two decades believing people who told me music was a non-career, went to college for advertising, which I just kinda liked, and then grad school for graphic design, which I did like, until the one night when I realized I would never LOVE it. And decided that now that what I liked was conquered, it was time to go for what I loved.

Two years later I can sing and play piano, I have fans, I'm playing gigs, my album comes out later this year. The money will come in due time; for now, there's nothing like the feeling of working towards something which my whole life I couldn't spend a day without thinking about.

Hi Felipe,

Congratulations! That is wonderful to hear. Please come back and hook us up with your album when it comes out.

woww; this touched me so deep. i love psychology, it's just so interesting to me. i love to see & learn how things work. The second paragraph is the one that got me the most. i never really thought of doing a career that i loved. everyone just told me to do something that made money so i never really thought of doing something that i loved. i had to thank you for opening up my eyes, so thank you so much (:

You're very welcome Jha'Vonne!

Thank u very much for this touching, inspirational and extraordinary blog..I honest think that you're an unsung great human being.

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