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I hope this mother does not give up and I hope someone will help her. Things like this are absolutely ridiculous, more prevalent than the masses of liars and deniers among us will ever admit, and it is also the reason for my anti-social tendencies. My deep understanding of her plight is also why my first reaction on walking in and discovering the same thing she has discovered was - KILL HIM. No one else is going to do anything - KILL HIM. I didn't kill him, I only beat the living hell out of him before fleeing with my kids, turning him over to the cops and suing him for everything he had. Maybe this lady can find a lawyer who works pro-bono or on a contingency. Anything he owns can be frozen upon the filing with a lis pendens action.

And if she does look for a lawyer, calling on the county's legal aid system will probably not help. Calling the state's Bar Association might be a better first move. That's what I did. She can call and ask for a pro-bono lawyer. If she is suing for monetary compensation, she can ask the Bar Association for phone numbers for lawyers who will take the case on contingency. There needs to be a police report. She can take the children to the police department to file a complaint. The idiots at church really need to get a clue. Good mothers DO NOT CARE what happens to the reputations of scumbags who hurt their children. And they lose respect for those who think they should.

Thank you for the legal advice and your comments.

HELP, in feb. of this year my 5 and 7 year old grandsons confided in me that their father was 'hurting' them " down there" and biting them "there". I called the abuse hotline and it was deemed unsubstantiated. Since that time the 5 year old has been displaying more and more hostile and sexually aggressive behavior. I am currently guardian of two other grandsons 8&9 year old boys. The behavior got so bad, that I made a graphic video of it in order to get someone to help. DHS wouldn't listen I told them about the video on 8-2-09 on 8-11-09 I hand delivered it to them, on 8-29-09 after another call to the hotline they viewed the video---and then took all four children citing me for failure to protect the other children from the 5 year olds behavior! WHO FAILED TO PROTECT THE 5 YEAR OLD FROM INCEST FOR ALMOST 8 MONTHS.

OK I have read this, and it is a bit shocking to read as well as to believe, but sadly it is also very true that this does happen. It is also a sad thing to admit, as an adult to be the victim of the exact same things and a Mother who would not listen or believe when their spouse was abusive. For the very same reasons that was listed in this blog, such as protecting the reputation of the husband as well as preventing the mothers reputation from being tarnished by divorce. As well as that the church perpetuates the same behavior, by discouraging parents from doing the right thing and leaving an abusive spouse. It is also a very sad situation, when a 41 year old adult child has to break contact with their family because, of a biological father who makes statements such as show me your breast to prove you have breast, after saying if you do not dress in a respectable manor you need to leave and not come back until you can dress respectable. As well as that a mother/grandmother will not do anything to prevent their spouse from physically assaulting children with things like coat hangers, and tells them that they are misunderstanding things, and that their father is not trying to molest them or abuse them in any way shape form or fashion. As well as that they do not comprehend things the way they should, or the way a normal person would and that they have some kind of mental illness and tries to force medications that are not needed on them. Its kind of hard not to get the impression that you are being abused when, you are hit with things like coat hangers and threatened with bodily harm just for the way your dressed.

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