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I am so messed up by a sociopath. I have been in a violently messed up relationship with him for over twenty years. I don't know how to get out. Death would be a relief!

I'm so sorry to hear that. You might start at the local domestic violence shelter. Or call 211 if you are in the United States to find services in your area. I hope you get help and get out. Living with a sociopath can seriously damage your heart, soul and mind.

I wish you all the best.

I just sued a sociopath. I had overwhelming evidence, or else I wouldn't have done it. I won.

I admire your courage Katy. Congratulations.

"The rich would be in boardrooms, as CEOs of companies."

I'm afraid that I found that out the hard way. I could not believe that I, a mature, intelligent person could become the victim of someone who is nothing more than a predator, who at the very least, is a criminal. On the surface, he seemed like one of the most charming, caring, and empathetic people you would ever want to meet. Beneath the facade was an misogynistic creep and enjoys doing bad things to women; the least of which is using date rape drugs. He has no doubt been getting away with it for years, and will continue....unless he slips up. He is very wealthy, and is the CEO of a small company.

Hi victim,

I'm sorry you had this encounter. This guy sounds like a true sociopath, and a very dangerous one. Falling prey to a sociopath has nothing to do with intelligence, or lack thereof. The most brilliant people in the world can be conned by a sociopath. The Mexican culture has a saying, "The lion believes that all are like him" and I believe this applies to moost humans. If we are honest, decent people we expect others to be the same. There is no way an honest, decent person can prepare to defend themselves against a sociopath. We simply do not comprehend that someone can be this ruthless. So please don't beat yourself up. That just tells me what a good person you are. I hope you are safe from him and that you are able to recover from this.


"We simply do not comprehend that someone can be this ruthless. So please don't beat yourself up."

Thank you for your kind words! It has taken three years to get over the pain, but the scars may last a while. It has definitely affected my view of human nature, and made me very wary of people. This man committed a crime against me, but I cannot do anything about it. I know he did it, but he will get away with it because of his money and connections. Accusing him would put my safety in jeopardy. Now that he has moved his company to another state, I have no doubt that he will be doing this to other women, and that bothers me very much.
Thank you so much for listening!

You're very welcome.

wow people ,i have spent most of the evening looking up the way my wife has been behaving over the years ,she was doing things that made no sence at all ,lying,stealing ,faking pregnancy stealing from brothers wedding (where she got caught)and much more.i really thought it was me ,my family has been telling me this for years and always thought that they were crazy so i moved my family to start fresh and have a young boy.had not seen any real signs of how she was untill resently ,when she stoled from my boys football team fundraising ,and got a call from head coach ,witch i assist ,same day got a call from a friend that thought she was stealing from her work (let me tell ya all the stories i got about both)well i kicked her out of the house and have my boy at least 5 times a week ,has any one exsperienced this ?what did you do ?would love to keep my family together but she wont see a counseler for feer of the last time she went ?

Assist coach,

I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences with your wife. Keeping a family "together" takes both partners working at it. I see so many people trying to carry the entire marriage by themselves while the other partner does nothing to contribute. If only one partner is willing to do the work to keep the family together they will have a very hard time doing so and they may be compromised by the other partner. I have to wonder how your wife's behavior is affecting your son? I would strongly recommend that you seek family counseling, at least for you and your son, in your area.

I wish you the very best of luck.

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