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September 14, 2009


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Hi. I'm a New York Times writer trying to reach you about a post you've written, but I can't find any contact info. Can you e-mail me at ASAP? Thanks. Alex Williams

This was really helpful for me, though I'd class myself as 'dinged' rather than traumatized. Actually I find many of your entries helpful so maybe 'dented' is a better description! Anyways, thanks for the pragmatic and practical views on the topics you address, your style makes it all very engaging.

I found your advice to be doable and helpful especially taking better care of yourself. I have always taken care of others it seems yet self-neglected myself in so many ways. I am putting your suggestions into practice slowly. Thank you.


Good for you! Good luck and good life.

Best Wishes,


Thank u for your post. I find it immensely reassuring and helpful. I hope to help others find happiness and peace with the wisdom that u have passed on.


hi I've really found your advice to be very practical.My life is comparable to a sine wave,at times I exercise,eat and sleep well but most of the times I do the total opposite especially when I feel that I am too busy and the good self care treatment can wait another day. but I guess that is A VERY BAD IDEA. THANKS

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