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We assume that a holiday should be a nice time; a time to enjoy the love and happiness that should be what a family is all about. I think we all have a notion of the perfect family; in the 1970s it was the waltons!- it is always someone elses family! This supposition ignites the family drama and annoyance that our own families are imperfect even before the holiday has begun. During the holiday there is a great expectation of this perfection, perfection that never materializes and can only bring drama and sadness.

All the messages we are given by politicians and the media are of the perfect family and we immediately feel our self esteem falling knowing that our family is imperfect. Even the word famliy supposes perfection and I'm supprised that it has not been changed in this society of political correctness.

We have a feeling that we are part of our families rather than a group of related individuals and we will even feel defensive and personally hurt even if the dog is criticized. I like to think of children as individuals that are to be taken care of, guided, and allowed to flourish and spread their wings; enabling their souls to fly on self esteem and happy memories.

Just a thought; do families with pedigree dogs have children striving to be the hero? And can the dog have a family role?

This site helps greatly with the realization of family dynamics, thanks Kellen.

Family exists because God created it. What about the rest of their lives ahead is the education that they found from their respective families and the life experiences which they live. When they face is bad for our lives, it is our duty how we can make them become good. And if there we managed to make them better, we can please God.

Hi Adolphin,

I appreciate your comment,but it leaves me with several questions. Which God? What if the mother of the family is Jewish and the father Muslim? You state your beliefs as if they were facts, yet not everyone shares these beliefs. What then?

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