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You said:

"Psychic power can permeate an entire culture without really being seen. It can be used to color how we think about things."

This is such an important point, and I see it all at levels: family, work environment, media, religion, politics. This, to me, is the real "matrix" and it is, as you said, the central leverage point of power and control in any case of manipulation and domination of one party by another. I've written about it here:

It's also, paradoxically, the weakest link in the chain of control, specifically because there is nothing "real" about it. It's just conditioning, and it can be seen, broken down, and broken through, if one is willing, at which point liberation into a greater authenticity of experience can truly begin. But it can be a lonely journey. Hopefully more will join us on that journey as time goes on.

Hmm, maybe this falls under one of the headings above put I also think sometimes the quest for power is a defense as in gaining the upper hand, whether physically or psychically has the effect of keeping others at a distance. If I can grab the power than by extension I also grab the control and I get to dictate how close anyone gets to me.


As usual, you have summed it up beautifully. That's why you are such a great poet! I love what you say about it being "the weakest link in the chain of control, specifically because there is nothing 'real' about it."

That is so very true. It only exists in our head. And only if we allow it. When we stop allowing it, it stops having any power over us.

Thank you again for the wonderful feedback.

Hi Jss,

That is an excellent point and one I completely overlooked. I see that a lot with people who have been traumatized or psychically injured in some way. And you are absolutely right, it is used as a defense. Thank you taking the time to post it.

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