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I've also liked the term "interdependant" instead of "independant". I believe we need each other. Here, need for love or intimacy is in and of itself often considered a medical problem in need of "treatment". People spend thousands of dollars just to have intimacy. I wish I had more answers to this problem. People who need love are considered "codependant" despite the fact that they might actually be the ones who are able to make a marriage work for a lifetime. They know that they do, in fact, need each other and aren't afraid to say those words.

Hmmm, makes me want to research a bit.

Hi nony,

These are such good points. I really like your idea of "interdependent" and I also agree that our need for love and the pain of loneliness are often "diagnosed" and medicated rather than addressed for what they really are. I would love to know what your research finds.

Thank you once again for your very lucid feedback and thoughtful comments.


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