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You are so right Kellen. There never seems to be any common sense or foresight; it's the children who are in need of the rights. Here in the uk there is talk of grandparent rights too!

Could it be that parents and the powers that be lack so much self confidence that they are afraid of losing their power over children? Or do they want to retain the power over children, thus preventing them from develpoing thoughts and a belief of self worth that may overturn the establishment?

Could the establishment of government be seen as one huge dysfunctional family? They will not be happy when they have no power; to give children rights would eventually lead to freedom of thought- and that would not do at all!

Isn't it time parents stopped behaving as they own their kids, so many times I hear phrases like "my kids"; rather, they should see them as individuals that need guidance, care, love and all the help they need to make the most of their lives now, and in the future. Children will then learn that they too deserve respect as individuals; and the best bit - they will pass these ideals onto the next generation.

Hi Felix,

I think there is definitely a power element to the entire thing. I'm watching a custody battle now and the child seems merely to be a pawn in the parents' misguided attempts to strike back at each other.

I think there may also be a legal element to it. Introducing all these people's "rights" allows attorneys to make a case for each person and therefore to conjure cases where there previously weren't any. In the same custody battle I'm watching the father hire an attorney, the mother hire an attorney and they are now required to pay for an attorney for the child. The process has just made a job for three attorneys.

Personally, I think only one attorney is needed in a custody battle - someone to represent the child. And that person should be court appointed so that poor children aren't at a disadvantage.

Hi Kellen,

And all the attorneys are good mates... a win win situation for them because they can ! All this turmoil for the child has such a sad negative effect and can only enhance their mistrust of adults- as if the bad marriage and divorce aren't sad enough.

I also agree that it's only the child that needs representation, but when it's all over the child usually resides with one parent who then has far too much control over the other parents' contact with the child.

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