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She wants a man to 'take care of her?' In a broad sense like that? I can see sometimes feeling the need for care from others, but... Wanting to be treated like a baby by the person you have sex with just seems really, really creepy to me. Ew. Just icky on a deeply disturbing level. It grosses me out when I hear women say things like that.

You made me laugh with this - "Why? Are you an infant?" Good one, Kellen!

Ah the abdication of personal responsibility. I'd give anything to experience that for just five minutes one time.

Hi Ethereal,

Ha, ha, Im glad you enjoyed it! I really feel that way sometimes. Thanks for your support.



Hi jss,

Me too. But I want an entire month!



A man to take care of her.... oh the shock when he dumps her for someone more intellectually stimulating, and she has to get a job and take care of herself.

Where did you find this person?

Im afraid I have a homeless shelter dorm full of them. Ive always had clients from other walks of life say this to me as a solution to some problem they are having. Im always horrified to hear it.

lots of adults are emotionally children. I find it painful and sad. Most of these people would not benefit being spoken to in such a manner even if it's true. I too worked with homeless for many many years.

Funny my mom suggested marriage,and moving in with my boyfriend as a way to combat my anxiety.

I laughed at her suggestion. Sure times are tough but unhealthy dependency is scary.

Bravo! Im so proud of you. I just love to see women standing up for themselves and being healthy. And youre absolutely right, your boyfriend should not be used for an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety medication). Its not fair to you or him. You are strong enough and smart enough to stand on your own two feet without a crutch. And a good guydeserves a healthy, whole, equal partner. Not a patient. Keeping laughing, and moving towards healing and wholeness.

Keep up the good work!


*claps* at the article and the comments.

Horrified is the word. I cant pick my jaw up off the floor when the realization sets in that the person who just said "but they'll take care of everything for me.." means it. I've yet to come up with a good reply, and given enough time they go down in flames. Then we get to business.

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