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Great analysis. Majority of men don't realize they give off plenty of information on which to judge them such as body language, clothing, and congruent behavior with the environment. But watch out for the intelligent predator that will be congruent and do just what you expect so you let down your guard, and then he will turn on a dime.

Also there is a problem in your consistency. Because you are using probabilities to be wary of men you should, to be intellectually consistent, apply the same to race. The races have different probabilities toward violence. Therefore you would be obligated to be more wary of black males then white males. Especially if you are a white female. A white female is over 9 times (900%) more likely to be raped by a black male then white male.

Not wanting to be racist has become a dangerous pathology because people override logic to protect their moral egos. Don't be afraid to be racist either!

Thanks for the feedback Joe. I didn't realize those were the stats on rape. You also make an excellent point about intelligent predators. A true sociopath has the ability to show you just what you want, and expect, to see. So your point is well taken.

... I'm not actually sure that's true, especially with the segregation of race: black women are more likely to be raped by black men, hispanic women are more likely to be raped by hispanic men, Native American women are more likely to be raped by everyone.

I have serious doubts about whether Joe is telling the truth, if he's lying or if he picked it up some some misinterpreted study. Kellen, I think you should take that as, "black men are more likely to be convicted for raping white women than white men." I think they're also less likely to be caught and convicted for raping black women.

They are. Statistically, black men are more likely to be convicted for raping white women. Black women are also more likely to be raped, period, than white women.

Also, I wanted to point out that my roommate, who grew up as a street kid in inner-city Denver, had a violent reaction to this. In their experience (primarily with white, asian and hispanic people), black people were the least likely to rape anyone. White people were overwhelmingly likely to be the rapists, even though their experiences were vastly more with hispanics.

We teach people how to treat us; I believe that women are doing just that.

As the scapegoat for man's emotional failings, women should make a stand against this repression. Women teach men how to act; like a primate! Although, unlike humans, animals do their best to avoid confrontation; men are praised for the ways they presently act due to a lack of emotional education. The only persecuted being with the intelligence to enable change is the human female; and this can only be accomplished through education and self respect. When our children are educated to appreciate that it is preferable for women, and the wellbeing of their future family to attract a decent partner, then women will walk happily on the streets because men will be forced to change their ways.

It is also time that we were educated that all living things deserve respect and that we all have our part to play on this planet; when we treat our animals well, we will treat ourselves well.

As a man, I am ashamed that women feel unsafe and on the behalf of decent guys, I apologize.

So, tell your president that you want happiness, education and equality, if he does not listen; shout louder!


I totally agree that we teach people how to treat us. And, as a woman, I agree with what you are saying - that women should be treated as equals and should not have to be afraid to walk the streets at night.

As to the latter, I am always reminded of Israel. Disregarding all the politics of that natiion, I love the way they handle a rapist on the loose. When I was in college there was a rapist operating in our neighborhood. So they put a curfew on all the women in that neighborhood. When Israel faced the same problem, they put a curfew on the men. Nice. The group causing the problem has to have the consequences.

As to the latter, I believe that women who wish to be treated as equals have to act like equals. If I hear one more woman say, "I just want someone to take care of me" my hair is going to catch fire. Women are not children who need someone to take care of us. We are grown and should take care of ourselves.

Thanks for the feedback Felix.

Hi Kellen,

I guess by now your hair is well ablaze!

Here in the uk people are just warned that there is a rapist in the area and advised to be cautious- no curfew. But I do agree that if a curfew were needed then the group responsible should face the consequences.

For the most part, I believe that society is the problem; so much materialism that leads to stress and then we all feel like we need looking after at times - yes, even us men. I do feel that although we are advanced in so many ways, we are very backward when it comes to emotional and social knowledge. Things will only improve when our nations are kind and supportive of other nations and all humans will not feel that they have to progress to protect their countries from military threat. If we can show kindness then our societies will change to reflect this with the emphasis on happiness rather than the material. Ok, so we will have to wait 300 years for man to realise this, but till then I believe that women should make a stand for change - leave it to the kindness of men and you will wait forever. The tools are there for women to effect change by helping themselves; using the voting system. The politicians need to be pushed into change- how would you ask for change, and what would you ask for?

I do take a great interest in the tribes from around the world; in comparison to us they have nothing, yet seem to be so happy. I wonder if their women feel happy to walk at night? Do you have any insight on their family roles? I could well imagine that the occurance of dysfunctional families is well below that of our "civilised" nations.

I do believe that however much we talk and discuss these matters it must all begin with education. In the uk there are no school lessons on relationships, personal or family- then we all get thrown in at the deep end until we learn for ourselves; by then it's too late; divorce and children that suffer.

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