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Boy I wish everyone felt this way. A number of years ago my family, which consists of six siblings and a mother, not to mention now spouses and kids, decided that enough was enough. How many gifts can you get over the course of a lifetime and anyway it isn't like I don't buy myself what I need and usually what I want during the course of the year. So we use the opportunity to donate to charities. My response is that if you want to do something for me on my birthday or xmas then here is the name of one of my favorite charities, go online and make a donation - whatever amount you want. Use the money for someone who needs it. I have about all the pajamas, scarves and bath oils one person can use. We stick to buying gifts for the kids and that's it.

Funny thing though. I find that it is a hard habit for people to break. My family adopted the idea quite easily but my husband's family, not so much.

I come from a family that spoiled the younger children with presents. I think it's wrong because it teaches kids a false sense of entitlement. Really we should be earning respect and self esteem. Not toys.

That's why I am volunteering this Christmas. I think if I had children they would hate me. I would be dragging them out to help at a soup kitchen instead letting them open their presents.

You are so right. I was accumulating so much stuff I didnt want or need. I love the idea of listing your favorite charities.


LOL. Oh I dont know. They might enjoy it and have interesting stories to tell. You would certainly be setting a good example. Ive seen kids get such a mountain of presents they really dont appreciate them.

We had very little as a family but my dad worked hard and did his best to give us nice things at christmas- I love him for it! I feel loved because of the effort he made for us and that love will always be with me; particularly now, as I pass those feelings on to my children. Children are not silly; they know when there is thought behind the gift! Now that I'm older I so wish he was here so that I could tell him how thankful I am. So, being spoilt now and then does not have to be bad- it's about the circumstances and intention behind the gift that counts.

Bath salts, pyjamas, slippers and all the other gifts given without thought are unwanted - it is an insult to receive such gifts. Some people even keep these gifts till the next year - to give to someone else!

Materialism, no thanks, just show me that you care.

Good will to all men and women but give me good presents, good thoughts, good deeds or good words, it doesn't matter which, but most of all; give it to me all year round, then I know that you care!

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